Benefits of Installing an Electric Fence for Your Livestock Farm

These days, almost every livestock farmer is looking for the best way to contain and protect their animals from predators. If you own a livestock farm, here are a number essential reasons to explain why you should invest in an electric fence for your livestock farm.

Prolonged lifespan

A considerable amount of physical damage caused to conventional fencing like barbed wire fencing and chain-link fencing can be avoided with electric fencing. When livestock makes contact with a barbed wire fence, for example, the animals can cause a lot of damage to the fence as they attempt to make their way out of containment.

Once electrified, livestock will tend to keep off an electric fence. With less attempts being made to breach the fence, you will enjoy prolonged service life out of an electric fence.

Safety of livestock

Electric fencing is less harmful as compared to traditional fencing options, such as barbed wire, which often prick and cut livestock, resulting in costly trips to the vet's clinic and even production losses at times.

Quick installation

Installing electric fencing is quick because fewer posts and wires are required to do the job. This attribute is particularly essential in cases where you need to move and re-erect the fencing on a periodic basis, e.g. if you practice rotational grazing in your farm.

Apart from that, the materials, e.g. posts, used to erect electric fencing are normally lightweight because this type of fencing does not require a lot of physical strength (due to minimal livestock or predator impact). Therefore, it is easy to move materials used to construct the fencing around the work site.

As it takes less time and effort to erect an electric fence, labour costs will be kept at a minimum; that's if you decide to hire someone to do the job on your behalf.


Traditional fence types such as wood panel fencing are not always strong enough to prevent livestock from escaping out of containment or to keep wild animals out of your farm. By acting as a mental rather than physical deterrent, an electric fence will greatly improve the effectiveness of existing barriers.

As the above-elaborated points clearly indicate, there are a lot of good reasons to support why electric fencing is the best option for your livestock farm. Get in touch with a reputable fencing contractor within your local area to order what you need to erect your electric fence.