Supplies You Need For Making Your Own Almond Milk

Almond milk and other nut-based milks are popular among several groups of people. There are several diets that welcome almond milk to replace traditional animal milk. The problem for many people who want to use almond milk in their daily diet is either finding the milk or finding a flavour that works for them. One way to combat this is to go to the source and use Australian almonds. Here are some of the supplies you need and what to know about each one. 

Australian Almonds

It is true, you can use any almonds you would like. However, there are specific benefits to using Australian grown and cultivated almonds. One of the leading benefits is the protein. If you need a quick jolt of protein in the morning or during the day, then Australian almonds can give you that. They also contain healthy fats. This fat content can help with making a rich and creamy milk for your daily use. In addition to these benefits, you also gain the benefit of a low-calorie alternative to traditional milk products. 

Milk Nut Bags

One of the key things you will need to make Australian almond milk are milk nut bags. These bags are used to drain and squeeze out the fluid or milk from the soaked almonds. They are made out of a cheesecloth-like material. Once you have properly squeezed and drained the almonds, you will end up with the dry fibre of the almonds. You may choose to use that for other recipes. However, if you want to throw it away, you can easily remove it from the bag and clean the bag to use for another milk-making day. 

High Powered Blender

An easy way to make Australian almond milk, and cut down on the overall process time, is to use a high-powered blender. A high-powered blender is necessary due to the hardness of the almonds. Even when soaked overnight, the almonds may still be a bit too hard to break down with a small blender, or a blender that is not made for harder substances such as carrots. You can also soak the almonds overnight in the blender. When you are ready to blend down the almonds into milk, simply turn your blender on. This gives you a one-step appliance for creating the milk. 

These are just a few of the basic supplies you will need to make high quality and nutrient-enriched almond milk yourself. Make sure to order from Australian bulk almond suppliers. This will ensure you have enough almonds to make your milk for at least a month, and enough to sustain you should there be an issue or shortage.