Everything You Should Know About Testing Your Processed Food for Pesticide Residue

If you are in the food processing industry, you already understand the importance of delivering safe food to the market. Pesticides are a crucial part of the growing process because they prevent damage to crops caused by pests. However, they can contaminate products unless you remove the contaminants. Mistakes in handling could lead to contamination. Once you take the risk of delivering contaminated food to the market, you open yourself up to product liability suits and other legal issues.

Supplies You Need For Making Your Own Almond Milk

Almond milk and other nut-based milks are popular among several groups of people. There are several diets that welcome almond milk to replace traditional animal milk. The problem for many people who want to use almond milk in their daily diet is either finding the milk or finding a flavour that works for them. One way to combat this is to go to the source and use Australian almonds. Here are some of the supplies you need and what to know about each one.

Top Factors That Determine the Choice of Drip Irrigation Lines

Drip irrigation is arguably the most common type of watering solution for newbie farmers. It is easy to install and manage, and the best part is that the system consumes less water. However, farmers must choose the right drip line to enjoy the benefits fully. Unfortunately, most people fail at this point and only realise their mistake once they have set up and used the system for some time. This article highlights factors that affect the type of drip line to choose for your garden.

Why a Homeowner Should Never Handle Their Own Well Digging

Digging a well, commonly called bore drilling, can be done on your own with some rented equipment and a bit of patience. However, it’s never recommended that homeowners handle their own well digging or bore drilling as the job may be a bit more complicated than you realize. Note why this is and why it’s always better to call professionals when you need a well dug on your property. Flushing and over-pumping

Benefits of Installing an Electric Fence for Your Livestock Farm

These days, almost every livestock farmer is looking for the best way to contain and protect their animals from predators. If you own a livestock farm, here are a number essential reasons to explain why you should invest in an electric fence for your livestock farm. Prolonged lifespan A considerable amount of physical damage caused to conventional fencing like barbed wire fencing and chain-link fencing can be avoided with electric fencing.

Farm Water Testing: Understanding the Primary Analysis Parameters

The water quality in your farm is an important factor to consider and review regularly. This will determine the availability of nutrients in the water for irrigation of your crops. In addition, the quality dictates the suitability of the water for livestock watering and even general domestic usage. You should consider hiring a laboratory for water sampling and testing of your agricultural water sources. The assessment can be performed after specific intervals of time, or you can commission testing if you have concerns about contamination.

4 Ways to Desludge Your Water Tank

When you invest in a rainwater tank, you invest in a future of cheaper water bills. How long that future will be will depend on how well you maintain your tank. One of the less frequent cleaning jobs, yet one of the most important, is desludging. This should be done every 2-3 years. However, depending on your environment, it may need to be done yearly. This guide provides you with 4 solutions to a sludge-free rainwater tank.